Heat Shrinkable Straight Boot

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  • Provides Insulation for bushings in cable – end boxes & transformers.
  • Prevents Flashover in transformers and switchgear connections
  • Suitable for applications up to 36 KV
  • Continuous operation temperature: -55°C to 120°C


Code H F Full length (BL)
  As Supplied After Recovery As Supplied After Recovery After Recovery
CISB-1 80 32 34 19 225
CISB-2 80 32 58 29 225

*All dimensions are in mm
*H- Breakout Main Diameter
*F- Finger Diameter

Technical Properties

Property Requirements Test Method
Tensile strength 12 N/mm2 (MPA)(Min.) ASTM D638
Ultimate Elongation 350% (min) ASTM D638
Density 1.15 ± 0.2 gm/cm3 ASTM D792
Hardness 45 ± 10 Shore D ASTM D2240
Water absorption 0.5 % (max) ASTM D570
Accelerated ageing (120°C for 500 hrs) ASTM D2671
Tensile Strength 11 N/mm2 (Mpa) (min.) ASTM D 638
Ultimate Elongation 300% (min) ASTM D 638
Low Temperature Flexibility (-40°C for 4 hrs) No Cracking ASTM D2671
Heat Shock (250°C for 30 min) No cracking or flowing ESI 09-11
Shrink Temperature 125°C IEC 216
Continuous Temperature Limit -40 to +100°C IEC 216
Dielectric strength 15 kv/mm (min.) ASTM D149
Volume Resistivity 1 x 1014 Ohm.cm(min.) ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant 5 (max.) ASTM D150
Resistant To Track & Erosion No tracking, erosion or flame failure upto 3.25 KV for 20 min. ASTM D2303

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